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Share Your ‘Surprisingly Seasonal’ Items

What are “surprisingly seasonal items?”

They’re inventory items with unexpected, repeating variations in demand -- often for reasons most of us wouldn’t think of.

Like cufflinks, for which demand increases during prom season. Or peanut oil, which sells more around Thanksgiving and Christmas when people like fry turkeys.

Such items often present special challenges – and also interesting discoveries -- for the people who manage their inventories.

So share examples of your surprisingly seasonal items, and win a stocking stuffer for someone you love. (Or keep if for yourself!)

We’ll share a list of the most interesting items on our blog.

Entries are due by Friday, December 7. Winners will be announced by December 15, and the prize will ship by December 17.

For contest details, including eligibility, rules, submission guidelines, and judging criteria, please share your name and e-mail address in the box to your right. 






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